Spring Porch

If the pollen we're seeing in Charlotte is any indication, it seems like Spring might finally be here to stay! Which means it's almost time to give our outdoor spaces their Spring time cleaning. And, if you're anything like me, that might also include a little Spring time refresh.


You may remember our Summer refresh from last year (read about it here ), but it will come as no surprise that we'd like to mix it up again. Partially inspired by the porch from our Spring Break trip and partially due to necessity we (ok, mostly me) have a couple ideas we're throwing around. 

Take a look at some of these super inspirational porches that have gotten the old wheels spinning!

The biggest change I'd love to make is to loose the black stained wood flooring, railing and steps. I'd love a more muted color similar to the grey in the above image. Sadly, I don't even know if this is possible, but it's definitely worth looking into! 

Does anyone know if this is possible without stripping the wood all the way back to it's original state? 

If the first change on the wish list is a doozey, this can be the opposite - adding more lights. We currently have lights draped over the patio, but we'd like to extend them onto the porch for some added ambiance. Easy enough, amiright?

Time for another big change to add to the wish list...privacy shutters on the far end of the porch.  Not because we feel overlooked, honestly, more because the porch is always so dirty and a screen might cut back on that. Plus, it's just so cozy. You know me and cozy, hand in hand. Lots of love for coziness around here.

I'm including this image in my inspirational round up because I just love how the space makes me feel. A true reminder to carry the indoors out and vice versa to create one unified space. 

Last year, we added a fun art piece to our patio - making what used to be an empty corner feel much more loved and full of personality. Hopefully I can find more ways to continue that feeling throughout the porch.

We shall see, lots to think about!

More to come...