Recent Projects {Client Work}


It’s been a wild and crazy timely lately - so grateful to have such fun projects to work on and excited to show you what’s been going on while I’ve been away from the blog! Welcome to my world…

silver dining room.jpg
silver living room.jpg

This new client came to me looking for help in her dining room, living room, reading room and den. We had such fun bringing her visions to life - she already had a lot of wonderful elements in her new home, which made adding to them that much more fun! I’m particularly found of her dining room, which formerly served as a sun room, where we created a truly unique room that showcased her eclectic and nature-influenced style. Thank you Silver family!


This new client was a referral, which is always nice to have. We worked together on her master bedroom as well as transforming her dark and somewhat dated den into a more fun and and bright place to hang out for the whole family! We kept their brown sectional but updated the lighting, accessories and ottoman to mix up the look of their entire space. Thank you Seaman family!

mills playroom.jpg

It’s always good to mix it up by doing something completely different - this playroom was just the ticket. Fun and bright and perfect for their visiting grandchildren. Thank you Mills family.

samuelson den.jpg
samuelson dining room.jpg

This next client was also a referral from a former client way back when! They were transitioning into their new home and looking for a whole new look - together we tackled their dining room, great room and master bedroom. I love the neutral palette that they choose and had such fun creating these new spaces for them. Thank you Samuelson family.

morris music room.jpg

This client was also transitioning into her new home and I’ve had the good fortune to help out in a variety of spaces including her master bedroom, living room, den and now music/office room. I can’t wait to pull the details of this room together - we’re really playing up the already dark and cozy room and it just might be one of my favorite spaces to date! Particularly love that leather chair and ottoman … I’d certainly love to curl up with a good book in that cozy corner. Thank you Morris family.

Tbirds bedroom.jpg

And, finally, a project close to home - a bedroom makeover for our oldest tween daughter! We’re nearly there on this one and loving it!

So there you have it - a glimpse behind the scenes in my design world. Hope you enjoyed!

More to come…