In The News ... 3

It's almost October ... how did that happen and where have I been? Weeellll, I've decided to take a step back from the weekly blog posts. Mostly because life has taken me in different directions - the kids are back in school, I've upped my hours at the store, taken on more clients and enjoyed some downtime (including a bit of travel, more on that later). But, also, because I feel like the world of blogging is already so saturated and I don't think I'm adding any value at this point. My plan, for now, is to pop back from time to time to post inspiration, client work and/or just a life  update...because I know, enquiring minds want to know. I've loved blogging over the last 7+ years and truly appreciate everyone that supported and followed along week after week. 

Before this spirals into an entirely different post, let's change the subject and chat about life lately...


With the kids back in school, I have been able to open up my schedule to take on a few new client projects. Obviously, some are bigger than others. Can't wait to share the updates as they roll in. 


We recently traveled overseas, to Southern France, for the first time since we moved back from London 8 years ago. Our trip brought back so many memories of our time living and traveling around Europe, and provided inspiration for design as well as lifestyle.


Slowing down, enjoying the simple pleasures of life is always a big take away from our travels. And, of course, the amazing fresh food we enjoyed inspires our cooking at home. Here are some of the recipes I've made lately and really enjoyed:


While traveling, we were also inspired by many beautiful gardens. So much so that we've finally decided it's time to tackle some much needed updates in our own garden. Starting with tidying up the paths, which had become overgrown and undefined over time. Here, you can see we've started in on the main path - lots more to go on this project! 

I'll be sure to pop back in to provide updates on projects and such. Hope you enjoy some of the recipes. And, thanks again for following along for all these years.

More to come...