Bonus Room Reveal

It's reveal day! Bonus room reveal day, that is. I'm so excited to share this newly revamped space with you. Not only is it much easier to look at, but it's so much more functional now. In fact, we've used this space more since we finished the makeover than we have in the last 3 years combined. I'll take that as a measure of success!

Ok, here we go...welcome to the new bonus room.

Strikingly similar to our original inspiration moodboard, wouldn't you say?

I know you're thinking, "what happened to all the toys?" 

True, we did edit. A lot. But, we also just made better use of the space. The biggest change in terms of storage is the newly curtained alcove which doubles as a stage for shows as well as hidden storage for all the dress up and other show related malarky. 

The other "most loved" items ( like crafts, stickers, food/tea party/restaurant stuff ) are now in a larger bookcase, front and center, for easy access. 

Of course, we still have the toy closet at the far end of the bonus room. I didn't get rid of everything! Despite my best efforts :)

Once the storage and toy situation was under control, we were able to add in more seating and generally cozy up the space. Making the whole room a much more family friendly destination. 

We embraced the gold vinyl dot decals that have been an accent in the space for several years and dotted the rest of the walls, too. I even let the kids go wild with decals in their curtained alcove, I'm a nice Mom like that. 

The table, which now occupies one of the alcoves, is paired with navy metal chairs and a hanging paper lantern, offering the perfect spot for lego building, coloring and crafting. Lighting has always been an issue in the bonus room, the two new lanterns have really transformed the mood in this space.

In terms of coziness, you can't beat a huge, plush, patterned rug. Lucky for me, this rug has been in my collection for awhile. I never found just the right spot for it, until now. 

I can't believe I made it this far in the post without talking about my double chaise situation. Love them. So happy and such a comfy, cozy spot for movie watching. Best decision, ever. 

A couple last elements that I have to mention - the curtains, of course the fleecy bean bags, and all the wonderfully cozy and cuddly textiles. 

What kind of a reveal post would this be without a flashback to where we started. 

My how far we've come...

I think it's safe to say we're all in love with the newly revamped space. 

More to come...