Bonus Bath Reveal

It's finally here, the first reveal of 2017 (who else still finds it weird that it's 2017!?!?), the bonus room bath. A couple of teaser images popped up on Instagram before the holidays, this one was a real race to the finish line before our guests arrived, but the time has finally come to share the finished space. So excited!

Much like the girls bath, we gave this room a serious facelift while keeping the basics of the space the same. The tile floors, shower and vanity remain while the walls, counters, lights, mirror and fixtures got an upgrade. Take a look at the before to refresh your memory...

Let's just take a minute and discuss this faucet. It's from Home Depot - yes, you read that right. Home Depot people. It wasn't exactly a bargain but it wasn't a bank breaker either - especially for a brass bridge faucet. And let's face it, it completely makes the space.  

And then there's the light. You may recall that this is the style I wanted for our powder room, but we worried it wouldn't work as the only light source for that space, so we nixed it. So glad we did because it works so much better in this space. The white walls really show it off! 

If you were surprised to find out the faucet was from Home Depot wait until you hear where I found the light....Amazon. Prime, baby, for under $40. That's right. 

It's all about the details, right? Some of my faves from this space were pulled from other parts of our house - the vintage turkish rug, "antiqued" plaster planter, striped turkish towel, antique pine step stool and ikea basket.

We also sprayed an old mirror and chair to incorporate into the bath. Yup, this was a true bargain design project.

Beyond everything I LOVE about this space, design wise, I'm most smitten with our collection of black and white photos from our time spent overseas. A lot of these have been framed for years and dotted throughout our home, but I printed and framed a lot more to finish out the design and I love having them all in one space, together. Is it weird that I want to hang out in our bonus room bath? Or that I want other people to hang out in there? Probably. 

So, that's it - the bonus room bath for your viewing pleasure. Do me a favor, next time you come over, ask for a tour of the space and check out all the details yourself - these pictures really don't do it justice. Promise? Cool.

As you probably could guess the newly updated bath has inspired yet another project in our house...any ideas? I'll be back next week with all the details.

More to come...