End of Summer Changes at Home

When we returned from the last of our summer adventures, I saw our home with fresh eyes and immediately jumped on several small updates. Amazing what some time away can do for you...

The kitchen hutch received an update ... out with some of the more "country motif" and green accents - in with a simpler, clean design mostly in white. It feels fresh and light and less cluttered.

The dining room, which is very rarely used, is taking a spin in the library direction with the addition of books on the table. A simple change that has redefined the room. Also, I created a new planter for the centerpiece - it's the same octopus bowl I've had forever but I added a carved stand to give it more character. It's all in the little details.

Baskets in the foyer got new plants. Calathea, which has proved to be very tolerant of my poor plant management skills. Plus. they're beautiful with the variegated leaf and purple underside.

We're making progress in the girl's bathroom ... new counters with a fun backsplash detail have been ordered!

Tired of looking at my dreary laundry room (the door is always open to let the natural light into the back hall) I decided to add topiaries to the folding table. Now I love it - not bad for $10 each!

Last, but certainly not least, we added a new member to the family. Meet "GIll" the fish - third times the charm or so I'm hoping! One thing I am definitely good at is killing these fish!

The house is quiet again and work is picking up - bring on Fall!

More to come...