Reveal Time

It's finally here, the reveal of our new front facade. Our improved curb appeal. The front facelift. Whatever you want to call it, it doesn't matter to me. What matters are the changes and how happy we are with the outcome. Well worth the wait...come take a look:

And just so we can all remember where we started...dark and heavy awnings, shutters, and door; no landscaping to speak of; the pathway to no where; stark contrast between trim and house color causing the house to look more peach than we'd like...the list goes on.

The new stone walkway offers a clearly defined path to the front door, which is now flanked by lovely mature-looking landscaping.

Beautiful warm stained wood door complete with brass pineapple knocker under the higher and lighter awning that coordinates so wonderfully with the new shutter color. Can you tell I'm smitten?

Yes, it's a big improvement. Yes, we love it. Yes, we still walk around in awe looking at every little detail. Wouldn't you?

True there's a bit more work to be done, one more window to replace and shutter to paint, additional landscaping to fill in, monkey grass to remove, and lighting to install ... all in due time. For now we're just enjoying this new view.