More Recent Projects

Well, y'all, I am paralyzed with indecision over the new light fixture for our powder room. I simply can NOT decide. Needless to say, no reveal this week as that project is in a standstill state until I can make a decision. So, while I sweat that one out I thought I'd share some moodboards from recent projects. Hope you enjoy!

Sunroom plan with a slight tropical feel from the rattan furniture - sadly, this one never got passed the planning stages. Shame because it would have been beautiful. 

These next two boards were for a repeat client who challenged us to incorporate a fun, youthful vibe into dark rooms full of heavy antiques. I love the mix of fresh, modern colors and patterns with their heirlooms. 

These plans for the same bedroom show how easily an accent color can be changed when the foundation of the room is well thought out. Ultimately, she chose the aqua scheme - we're in the final stages and should be finishing install by the end of summer. So excited to see this space come together. 

SV MB 2.jpg

Again, two boards one room. These show how a space can transition from start to finish. We're loving the mix of feminine (floral chairs) and masculine (navy upholstered bed) styles. This one should be wrapped up by the end of summer as well! 

Funny seeing all these plans side by side, clearly I have a thing for gold starburst mirrors. Strangely enough we ended up finding different mirrors for everyone! Lesson learned. 

Have a happy holiday weekend!