Project Curb Appeal: Progress

Project curb appeal is coming along slowly but surely. Today, I'm sharing some of the simple steps we've completed thus far that are making a big difference to the overall look and feel of our home.

1. Tree Trimming: Exciting? No. But so important to maintain healthy trees. We're lucky to have these beautiful mature trees in our neighborhood, but left uncared for and they can not only be dangerous but can also overshadow the home. After the canopy was trimmed, we not only have more light to the front yard (yeah for green grass), but the interior of our home also feels lighter and brighter, too. Bonus.

2. Brush Clearing: Our neighbors lovingly referred to our former side yard as the jungle and they were right, it was a jungle. An awful jungle that distracted the eye when you looked at the front of our home. Without it, our home looks twice as big. Who knew!

3. Power Washing: Is this the most boring post ever? Probably. But y'all, what a difference power washing can make. Do it! Our home looks brighter, obviously cleaner, and happier for it. I will never again underestimate the power of a good power wash. 

We're mid paint job and loving the progress and color choice, but let's face it, it's taking a long time between work schedules and weather delays and my patience is wearing thin. Not with the company we hired because they are amazing - just with how long everything takes. For a little instant gratification while we wait for the trim and shutters to be painted, we (my Mom did most of the work!) updated the window boxes. It's amazing what new plants will distract you from.

4. Plants {Window Box/Planters}: Because our front yard is mostly shade we went with a combo of green and white plants in shade tolerate varieties like hostas, ferns, and impatients. Remember the formula...Thriller, Filler, Spiller!

5. Landscape: It's true we've hired a firm to do large scale foundation plants in the front yard after the painting is done, but in the meantime we've been tackling smaller scale projects at the side yard. Removing old scraggly landscaping and replacing with simple items has helped give our home a clean and updated look. Here we removed boat loads of monkey grass and leggy old holly bushes and replaced them with boxwoods, hostas and mulch (mulch can change everything!) everything looks clean and fresh. In other areas we've transplanted existing mature plants and incorporated newer plants to improve the overall look. 

None of these improvements are going to hold a candle to the newly painted trim and shutters, new awning and door (obviously), but every little step helps along the way. Progress...

More to come.