Research to Reality

While 2015 was the year of research and plan making ... we researched and planned and quoted out every single idea we had to improve the curb appeal of our house, including but not limited to new paint colors, new porticos, new landscaping, new hardscaping and new lighting ... 2016 will be the year the day dreams are put to rest, reality is checked and decisions are made. Low and behold, we finally have a plan for our abode and it all came from one inspirational image. Oh, and all those researched plans as well. 

Isn't it the cutest? Well, if you are into peach stucco homes - it's not bad, right? For us, it's gone a long way to help us embrace the current color of our home instead of constantly wishing to change it. And not repainting the house frees up some dinero for other direly needed projects. 

Reminder: this is what our house currently looks like on this beautiful Carolina Spring day.

Where to start? 

First, we'll be replacing lots of rotten wood and some of the worst off windows, which leaves us with a need to repaint the woodwork on the house. Like the inspiration picture we'll be going for less of a contrast between colors in an effort to turn up the warmth and tune down the overall peachiness. 

Next, we'll be replacing the black awning with a more European inspired canvas awning (similar to the picture below) that has a gentle curve, a subtle gray green color and eats up that awkward space between the current awning and the oval window. Yes, I would have loved to do a copper portico like the ones I was obsessing over last year, but with the canvas option we can achieve a similar look for about 1/4 of the price. 

please excuse this image that was forwarded from our awning guy - obviously, it's very crooked.

please excuse this image that was forwarded from our awning guy - obviously, it's very crooked.

These two changes alone will make a huge difference for our curb appeal, but we have more to share! We'll also be tackling our complete lack of landscaping, which is good new and sad at the same time. The sad part being, our huge tree in front is no longer fit to hold our swing, so that will have to go - not the tree, just the swing - the tree will be receiving a much needed haircut instead. We'll also be clearing the mini jungle to the right of the house, which is super overgrown and full of prickly weed/tree-like-bushes. The clearing up will provide a much better kept looking yard and perhaps even give the impression that we care about the state of our curb appeal. Nice.

While the landscapers are here we'll have them bring in some of the larger foundation plants for the front beds and add a stepping stone walkway to the driveway. We'll be taking on the additional plantings ourselves based on the plans we had done last year. See, I told you those plans would come in handy!

I'm so excited I can barely stand it. This poor house and it's sad curb appeal have been neglected long enough (by us and the previous owner), it's time to bring the charm back. Maybe it will start looking so good we'll feel inspired to paint the shutters (already have a color selected) and replace the door and lighting as well (you know I already have that quote)! I can't wait to see it unfold over the coming months...why is waiting always the hardest part...and share it all here with you, too.

More to come.