Christmas Home Tour 2016

With only 10 sleeps until Christmas, we're all moving at hyper speed. That's why I'm encouraging you to pour yourself a drink, find a comfy spot and enjoy our Christmas Home Tour. Because I'm sure you have nothing better to do...says no one this time of year. Ever. 

But, hey, let's do it anyway. 

Every Christmas I love this wall paper even more. It's like it was made for this time of year. Or just made for me to love it. Either way, it works.

Digging the plaid this year. And this dried out boxwood garland that promptly died two days after I brought it into my house...I'm going with it. Fortunately, it doesn't shed like pine garland. Yeah for small wins - especially this time of year. 


I'm not even going to lie to you - my Mom was here the first weekend of December and "threw together" (her words) this stunning arrangement. When I throw something together it doesn't look anything like this. And yes, Mom, I've had to replace one of the poinsettias already. As predicted.

Remember how I was all...a quiet, simple Christmas...yeah, my simple tree got hit hard with the sparkle. I lost that battle, among others, but the kids love it. So that's something. 'Tis the season!

This is barely a Christmas shot...I really just rearranged my ever slow growing collection of blue and white and wanted to show you...but there's a poinsettia so it counts. Right?

I spy an elf, always watching. This time she has a front row seat to our awesome table manners and nightly squabbles over who got more veggies. Lucky, lucky.

Year's past I've kept the vintage toys in the playroom, but this year they are taking pride of place under the family tree. They remind me of my family, and my dad's family, and our celebrations when I was a kid...yeah, I'm a softy like that.

One thing I did manage to stick to, a simple mantel. Faux and real greens layered together with a couple of large scale pine cones - this makes me happy. 

May you have a happy and healthy holiday season with friends, family and everyone you love!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I'm certainly trying too.