On the Search For More Space

Well, it looks like the masses have spoken and the verdict is loud and clear - don't open the two rooms by removing the charming built-ins. I have to say, after a lot of thought, I agree. So now we're on the search for more space elsewhere in our home, which got us to thinking about...pause for dramatic effect...the possibility of a garage conversion. 

hallway of doors.jpg

I'll spare you the image of our not so attractive garage, but give you a bit of detail instead. It's attached, obviously, but connected to the rest of the house by the dreaded hallway of doors (there are 7 doors in this one hallway, hence the name). The hallway of doors is about 15' x 15', consists of a lot of doors and closets and, as far as we can tell, is a really poor use of space. See it for yourself with the "real life" shot I snapped this afternoon. 

The garage is 3 steps down from this hallway and has a whooping amount of space, coming in around 25'x25'. Can you even imagine what you could do with space like that? I can barley comprehend it...I could have 10 Christmas trees. Dreaming big here.

But, before we get too excited, there is a lot to think about:

1. Will it always look like a garage conversion instead of an original space?

This one doesn't, despite it's obvious garage door opening. 

2. Will the step down be weird?

I, actually, quite like the steps on this one.

3. Is it simply too far away from the rest of the living space in the house? Or how would you use the existing space?

This is a fun idea, incorporating a mud room area between the two.

Obviously there are a lot of possibilities and options with this project, lots to think about. To best continue with our research, I thought I'd reach out to my peeps to see what y'all think. Good idea or bad? Have you taken on a garage conversion with good results? I would love to hear your thoughts! Honestly, I would. The good, the bad, you're crazy, you should do it! All of it.

More to come...