Front Facelift

Hello! If you're reading this you've managed to find me in my new home - yeah! I've been putting this transition off for a long time, so nervous to lose all my lovely readers. But change can be good, even if you have to force it. Kicking and screaming. Kind of like the forced change I made happen at the front of our house. You see, I had had enough with the non-movement on our facade transformation so I decided to force a front facelift. Sometimes a little change can be just enough. Sometimes...

After a week of solid rain, the ground was soaked and our power was out, so we stepped into our wellies and decided to finally tackle the 20 year old boxwood that covered the front of our house.  To our surprise and delight, they all but jumped out of the ground - clearly they had had enough of us as well! The newly cleared space was calling out for a little TLC in the name of window boxes. And mums. And pumpkins, too. Tis the season.

Kale and Cabbage mx with a variety of pansies, creeping jenny and gourds to create a simple fall inspired window box. Are you feeling it? I am. 

Of course, we can't take ourselves too seriously around here, we had to have a little fun too. Which is how skeleton-y came to be. Just trying to figure out how to wire a drink into his hand. Priorities. 

I'm so happy to have said goodbye to our grumpy old boxwood and hello to our front facelift! What a difference a little change can make. Progress is progress. No matter how small. 

Have a great weekend!