The Layered Bed, Baby Steps {Bedroom Refresh}

Back in the day, i.e. our old home in Chicago, I felt like we really had our master bedroom sorted out. It was a large, slightly awkward space with built in closets and vanity area. It took a long time to understand how the room worked best for us, but once we did, it really came together. We loved it.

Chicago bedroom

Then we moved to Charlotte and basically picked everything up from our old bedroom and put it in the new room. Not a lot of fanfare, but it worked. 2 years later and the change of seasons has me dreaming up new possibilities for this space. 
Nothing too drastic - the bed frame, storage, and layout will stay the same…speaking of, have I ever told you the story about this bed frame? In a nut shell: we found it in the basement of an antique shop in Chicago stuck behind several layers of furniture. It wasn't in the best shape, but after they told us it had been used in Playboy shoot, someone we had to have it. 
Clearly, any bed used in a Playboy shoot isn't going anywhere. 

Check out how I really feel about this space. It's so easy to turn a blind eye, then one day you really take a look and your true feeling come out…my bedroom is B.O.R.I.N.G!!
Time to update the bedding (at least for these cooler months), hang something on the walls and finish off the space. 

A couple of things we've already done since I brainstormed this whole project on Sunday night: we rotated our mattress, washed/fluffed all the covers/feather beds, and put on our flannel sheets. Can I just tell you, I slept like a log last night - first time in ages. I can only assume it's the changes we've made to the bed thus far. 
Another baby step to our bedroom refresh: a new down comforter,  our previous was relocated to the guest bedroom. I did a bit of research, really just read this article, and picked this one. Layer number 1, on its way. Can't wait.

until next time,