Inspiration Monday: The Layered Bed

Happy Monday and first official week of Fall (which technically starts on Wednesday, I believe). What are you doing to mark this special occasion? Personally, I'm leaning toward a Fall makeover - the layered bed - perfect for this seasons cooler temperatures. 

It all started when I saw this image of the Nester's bedroom - she had just had it repainted after planking the ceiling, which is really what her post was all about. But for me - it was all about that bed. Doesn't it just look lay-around all day luscious? All layered up with that extra large tasseled throw.

The tassel throw from Anthropologie (not currently online) led me to this beautifully layered bed. This time incorporating warm colors that are perfectly seasonal.

Just as soon as I started down the layered bed road, I thought … you know who always does a lovely layered bed, Pottery Barn. And sure enough, they had loads of inspirational images to choose from. I'm partial to this one with the perfect mix of white and cream - a classic that never goes out of style.

Of course, it doesn't all have to be pattern-less neutrals. In fact, mixing a variety of patterns and textures in one color pallet really hypes up the cozy factor, for me.
So, let's break it down…we're talking sheets (obviously), a blanket, coverlet/quilt, duvet and a throw, if possible. All in a mixture of textures and patterns, ideally in a neutral pallet. Doesn't that just sound divine - or at least really warm. 

Oh, I'm excited! Time to bring the duvet out of the linen closet and   start creating those layers we all love. 
Happy first week of Fall, y'all.

until next time,