Loving This Week

After 3 and a half weeks traveling the midwest, our transition back to reality was a little less than seamless. I spent a lot of hours this week day dreaming I was back here, enjoying lake life. 

Here are a couple of other things I spent some time checking out this week...

1. A great resource for affordable wallpaper options over at 320 Sycamore.

2. Beautiful pictures of the sweetest little cottage over on The Lettered Cottage.

3. Another great round up of high end and budget friendly flush mount lights over at Cottage and Vine.

4. I've been known to debate a design decision within my own home for months, which seems silly after viewing this fearless home tour.

5. How many of these things are you guilty of, because I have quite a few….time to make some changes.

Have a great weekend!

until next time,