Inspiration Monday: Mountain Retreat

We're finally back from our 3.5 week Midwestern tour. We covered over 2,000 miles through 10 states with 4 stops in 4 different states. It was definitely a whirlwind tour; visiting family and friends with a lot of time spent enjoying wooded, lake living. During our 3 day drive back to Charlotte, I got to thinking about how we could replicate a similar retreat a bit closer to home. 

Something like this would do nicely. Take the tour here.

Or maybe we should build something like this - plans available via Southern Living

In the meantime, a slightly more attainable goal would be to rent this gorgeous cottage. 
Check out the rest of the property here.

Or this cottage. 
Check out the rest of the property here.

Yup, I'll be day dreaming about our next getaway to the mountains instead of dealing with the harsh reality of a mountain of laundry, school starting in a week and a backlog of client work (thanks for being more than patient with me during my three week break!!). 

until next time,