Helpful Hints: Rug Sources

Last I left you we were chatting rugs and I mentioned I had a couple of go-to spots for discovering unique finds. After I hit publish on that post I started to feel a little guilty about holding out on you by not sharing said spots, so today I'm back with a fairly all exclusive list for you. Let's get started.

First, some of the most obvious options are Craigslist and Ebay, but I'm not gonna lie to you, I haven't had the best results with either. Some people have success every time, not this girl, sadly. That being said, it's always worth a looksie to see what they have.

Moving right along…have you heard of Everything But the House? It's the next best thing to an estate sale because it's an online estate auction house that will also organize shipping for you (at a cost). Sales go live for a set number of days, all the while you can watch and/or bid on items of your liking. There are some good deals to be had…like the rug pictured above or the other one I have my eye on (please, I can't share everything with you…).  Check out all the rugs currently listed.

**update: this rug is still available, email me if you're local and interested. **

Next up, Move Loot. They aren't everywhere just yet, but they are here in Charlotte and there are definitely some gems to be found. I've purchased (and sadly resold) a steal of 9x12 beauty that just didn't work with our heavily patterned chairs. Never fear I have a replacement on the way. Items over $100 qualify for free local delivery. Check out all their rugs currently listed.

Speaking of local resources, do you have MICIT? I believe it stands for Moms in Charge of It. Our local branch runs through Facebook exclusively and is growing with leaps and bounds throughout the area. It's invitation only, so find a friend and get in there. They have several different categories, I'm a sucker for the home devision, which will come as a shock to none of you. I've sold quite a few things on the site, and picked up one amazing piece so far…you may remember my new console.

And finally, our good friends at
You can search out local sales well in advance, usually take a peak at some of the merchandise, and even sign up for notifications. It's a good thing…I found the above rug (from this sale) which will be listed in a couple of weeks and I am loving it. Fingers crossed.

Phew, I feel so much better now that I've shared some of my highly coveted sources. Good luck with your search.

until next time,