Espalier, Take 2

Remember our inspiration post a couple of weeks ago about the espalier? Well, we finally made good on our promise and found the perfect spot to incorporate just that into our own yard. 

Behold the garage wall, a thing of beauty. 

A.K.A John's pet project. He planned, purchased and planted this whole bed which consists of four gardenia and three confederate jasmine. As well as the new home of our espalier. 

The process was pretty simple (for him) and was completed in an afternoon. Eye closures connect the copper wire to the base of the wall and the roof trim of the house, creating a giant rectangle. Within the rectangle the wires are strung and crossed to create several diamond shapes. We opted to connect to the wall as infrequently as possible in the event we ever need to take the entire grid down to repaint the house. Fingers crossed that works out for us :)

Once the wire guides were in place, we simply strung the longer jasmine strands around the wires. Not much to see right now, but we're hoping for some quick growth. Not to worry, I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Looking good, hubs, looking good. 

until next time,