Fairies in the Garden

Last summer our girls fell head over heels for fairy gardens. We promised we'd recreate one in our own yard, but the summer got away from us and before we knew it, it was almost a year later and no garden of our own. With a 7th birthday in the house, it became the perfect time to address the lack of fairies in our garden. So, we coupled a fairy house and accessories with one of her favorite books from the Rainbow Fairies Book Series to give as one big gift for her birthday. Even we were surprised by how excited she was to receive them. 

We added some pint size plants and pea gravel, 30 minutes later our very own fairy garden was born. The girls are loving it (and who doesn't love another excuse to get them outside!?) and we even made sure to leave space for any additional houses should the need arise. Like for someone else's 4th birthday...

Items used:
mini gardenia
mini lemon cypress
ajuga ground cover
creeping jenny ground cover

until next time,