Mid Week Mini Makeover

Phew, what a weekend. Sorry for my little disappearing act. Put preschool graduation, a long weekend, beautiful weather and family in town together and time becomes a real scarcity. Besides, who wants to sit in front of a computer with all that excitement going on? But, now I'm back in front of the old computer and ready to share a little midweek, mini makeover that happened via e-design in my old stomping ground of Chicago.

 Check out the before image of your standard back patio complete with large, functional table and not much else. The task? Make the space more inviting, build out a color scheme, add extra seating, decor and plants.

Here's the plan. The color scheme was easy - especially with the addition of new throw pillows before we even got started - red, navy and teal. 
Large scale planters anchor the space while garden stools add extra seating or a convenient drink perch. 

After the moodboard and inspiration are sent, the waiting game is killer. I can't wait to see the end result. This one is just about perfect. 

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until next time,