Inspiration Monday: The Power of Paint

Was that a great weekend or what? A special thanks to my main man and little ladies for going above and beyond to make me feel oh so special, extra appreciated and very loved. Delightful. I hope all the Mommies out there felt the love over the weekend. 
Now, onto our regularly scheduled post, Inspiration Monday. Today's inspiration isn't anything new, but it's also something that we should never forget - the power of paint. 

Remember the sweet family we helped transition homes here in Charlotte by assisting in paint selection, lighting and furniture layout (read more about them here)? Well, they were kind enough to forward on a couple of pictures of their newly painted space and the transformation is so stunning I just had to share it with you. Lest we forget the power of paint.

This is their family room just off the kitchen. A great open space with a lot of custom storage and beautiful woodwork. Unfortunately, the stained mantel piece and the two toned bookcases felt too dark and overbearing and just didn't play well with the light, bright and airy theme we were going for in their new home.

No worries, because a good paint job can solve all of that. Isn't it amazing? It feels like a totally different space. By the way, this is all her own styling - didn't she do a great job? And there's no TV over the mantel - yeah! Thank goodness for good space planning ;)

Remember, if you need help with any updates in your own home, we're just a short email away…

until next time,