Inspiration Monday: The Apron

It's a double dose of Inspiration Monday today - So let's get started! Did you know that Home Depot has a blog called, The Apron? And that they sponsor "Style Challenges" where bloggers create stunning spaces utilizing items from Home Depot? And guess what - they are in the midst of an outdoor patio challenge with some seriously stunning results. Perfect timing to gain a bit of outdoor inspiration, wouldn't you say?

Kristin Jackson from the Hunted Interior used an artificial grass "rug" on her deck and it looks awesome. Clearly not for everyone, but she rocked it.

Andrea from Couture House created an entirely new patio that included a dining area, seating area as well as these beautiful "copper" planters. Simply stunning.

Sarah Dorsey of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs refinished an existing deck, added a pergola, swing and seating area. There are so many impressive DIY projects within this makeover, it's crazy. My most favorite, though, is the swing - she made it and even wove the seat herself! I can't even imagine what kind of patience that took. PS. The geometric planter is a very second close for best DIY project. 

Caitlin Ketchum of Desert Domicile created a beautiful privacy wall (among many other achievements) on her lower level terrace. We're considering options to add more privacy to our raised deck area, so this project certainly peaked my interest!

So, now you know, if you're in need of DIY inspiration don't forget to turn to the Apron blog and make sure to spend some time checking out all the Style Challenge posts for loads of outdoor inspiration, too. We're hoping to get our new metal roof soon-ish and then it'll finally be time to get our porch all kitted out for the summer season. Can't wait.

until next time,