Workspace Progress

Right off the bat I'm going to tell you that this will not be the most aesthetically pleasing post I've ever put together, but progress isn't always pretty, people. That being said, progress is almost always good and I like good. 

So … check out the progress we've made thus far in our new workspace. Things you'll notice straight away - we picked the curved leg desk from Ikea and added a white metal etagere for storage. This desk is super budget friendly (I'll include a round up of items used at the bottom of this post) and looks pretty darn good, too. Especially after I sprayed the legs with a couple of coats of gold spray paint to achieve that metallic accent I was looking for.

As promised, we also swapped out the french doors for more small space friendly, bi-fold doors. An absolute necessity to fit the dresser in this corner. It's a tight fit, but it works. You may also have noticed that I got a little spray paint happy and transformed our mirror as well. The new high gloss finish on the mirror helps to tie the two spaces together. 

Less you think we stopped there, we did not. There's more progress. In the form of this new chair. 
Obviously, I settled on a non-rolling chair. It seemed like the smart choice based off of everyone's input on the matter - thanks to all that commented, by the way. Plus, the chair was on deep discount and I just couldn't turn away a comfortable, navy upholstered chair for $99. 

If ever I was concerned about paring navy with our blue grey walls, that moment has passed. The chair and I are committed, 100%. The guest room/workspace is such a bright and light filled space that it handles the dark navy perfectly. That's a good thing because I am in the middle of a serious blue moment. 

until next time,