Home Workspace Moodboard

I promised a moodboard for my new home workspace and here it is. I have my work cut out for me. 

Let's break it down shall we? 

1. A simple white desk with metallic accents - no surprises there. I've been talking about that for weeks now. 

2. Additional storage in the form of free standing shelving and baskets. Lots of room for interpretation here, and accessorizing. 

3. Now, let's talk about that chair. It's amazing. I wish I could afford it and I know that every. single. chair. I look at from here on out will pale in comparison. I'm ok with that because it will push me to think outside of the box and not settle on a boring, basic desk chair. 

4. Blue, Coral, White and Gold - a classic and timeless color scheme that I'll also be incorporating into the rest of the guest room. 

Time to start hunting. 

until next time,