March. Can you even believe it? Our weather finally decided to warm up and treated us to an absolutely beautiful weekend (sandwiched between two week-long rain sessions), of which we spent the whole time outside. Very nice.

Enjoying the sun was fantastic, touring the yard and garden not so much. Nothing looks good this time of year, and our yard is certainly no exception. We made a lot of progress last year, but there is still so much to do - it can seem too overwhelming to process at times. 
Then I read an article in Southern Living about a small cottage and garden makeover in Arkansas and I realized maybe our project wasn't so daunting after all.

Check out the before of this small cottage. Talk about overwhelming…this makes our house and garden work seem like a cake walk. Talk about putting things into perspective…

On first glance, the carport seems pretty sub par, borderline tear-downable, but look what he turned it into.

It's hard to believe it's even the same space with just a few amendments to the original structure. 
Now it's a dual-purpose space, parking by week and overflow entertaining space by weekend.

The original side yard…

and progress shot. 
Now a contained front garden/lawn with side garden leading to the fountain garden. In less than a fifth of an acre he managed to create 7 independent, yet connected gardens, with their own functions. Pretty amazing. 

If, like me, the article in the April issue of Southern Living magazine left you wanting more details about this amazing makeover, you can find out more about Daniel Keeley's cottage makeover here.

until next time,