Dining Centerpiece Ideas

Finding the perfect centerpiece for the dining table can be tricky. Especially if it's a space seen often, but rarely used. It must look good at a moments notice, while requiring no maintenance on a daily basis, but also having the ability to be "dressed up" for a special occasion. 

Two of my go-to favorites are: Ginger Jars and Soup Tureens. 
Both look great alone (as shown above) 

 or beautiful stuffed full of plants or fresh cut flowers. 

Here's a great example of a simple tureen housing a humble fern, but the combination together makes a huge statement. Of course the tablecloth helps a little :)

A sweet and feminine, highly patterned tureen chock full of peonies and hydrangea - beautiful.

Hello, new soup tureen. I have big plans for you. Sadly, those plans do not involve my home, but I know you will make a certain someone very happy. 

until next time,