Architectural Inspiration: Guest Parking

Over the last couple of weeks we've covered a variety of exterior architectural elements: the porte cochere, the portico, the wing wall, and the courtyard.  All of which we are considering as additions to our front facade, in order to boost curb appeal and add a touch of European charm to our home. 

Just when you think we couldn't possibly add anything else to the mix, we've come up with another idea: a guest parking forecourt. You see, we have the straight shot driveway. Inevitably, someone will stop by and park right in the middle of the driveway, essentially trapping any other cars from coming or going. Obviously, this is pretty low on the scale in terms of issues, but it's something we'd like to why not now?

Surprisingly, I haven't been able to find a lot of solutions for smaller scale homes, but I have found quite a few options on the other end of the spectrum. 

Did you see the double drive with the grand parking forecourt in the first image? Now that's a problem solver if you've got space to spare, which we don't. Moving right along.

I could see a modified version of the above image, scaled down to fit a smaller lot. I like how the parking spots are defined and separated from the walkway, allowing the walkway to maintain it's own presence.

This option tucks the guest parking to the side of the house. I love the mix of materials, gravel and pavers. I also like how it looks like an extension of the driveway, like you could pull in to park or keep driving on to the garage. That would fit our needs perfectly. 

Here we are again with the side parking connected to the front walkway. It definitely works, but seems like a lot of driveway. I'd like to see a mix of materials to break it up a bit. 

One idea I came across during my research was the use of Turfstone, essentially a concrete grid that can be filled with dirt and planted with grass or ground cover. 

Now that's a cool looking driveway and would be a great option for a seldom used guest parking spot.

Another thought would be to add a wider apron to the base of the driveway to incorporate guest parking. It's not a forecourt, per say, but does have a certain presence and feel of grandeur similar to a standard forecourt.

Well, I may have gone a little off course with this, but you get the idea. We need guest parking and we need an idea of where to put it. Anyone else in the same boat? I'd love to hear your ideas and/or solutions.

until next time,