An Updated Foyer

One of our main goals for this year is to ramp up the curb appeal of our home. While we wait for the plans to come together, we've been focusing on a smaller, more manageable project also dealing with first impressions - a foyer update. Over a series of months we've been making small changes as we find the right items, hoping for an overall larger "wow moment" in the foyer. We're starting to get there and I, for one, am loving the look we've created. 

It should be noted that this space is ridiculously hard to photograph at the best of times, so imagine how I struggle now that we've added the massive French inspired gilt mirror. Oh, but it's worth it for the amount of light that now bounces around the previously dark space.

Next we swapped out the lamps, exchanging the previous distressed turned wood baluster style lamp for this whimsical bird and branch gilded lamp. The antique English chest and gilt mirror are both large imposing pieces, the new lighter lamp keeps the whole space from feeling too heavy.

Finding just the right pieces for the vignette was a seriously time-consuming affair, but there's nothing I like more than a collected look, so it had to be done. I especially love how the ultra feminine covered urn with button finial contrasts with the black and white bone in-lay tray. The unique orchid was a gift for Valentine's Day, still going strong. And, of course, a brass pineapple to bring it all home. 

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