The Power of Suggestion

So, you know how I've eluded to seeking help from a professional regarding the exterior changes we are planning to the house? Well, let me just come on out and tell you, we are working with an architect. And while we've contracted her for her architectural expertise, she's done more than just inspire exterior changes around here. Here's the story…

living space - before

Picture us, just two ladies in the design services industry (wink) chatting and touring the house, when we enter the family/play room and I mention, in a semi-disheartened tone, that our girls never really play in the space. 
She responds with, "well, you didn't really decorate it". 
What? Talk about stopping me in my tracks. Me, not decorate a space? I didn't think it was possible.

media space - before

But, looking at these pictures, I can see that she was right. This is the kid's space and I never really put any effort into it. Everything was shoved to the sides to maximize floor space, things thrown together - I didn't want to spend time in there, and neither did the kids. 

living space - after

You know I had to change that up, straight away, starting with a furniture shift. By floating the couch in the middle of the room and backing it with the table, the room became divided - making it feel cozy and functional at the same time. 
Remember my black and white dining room rug? Yup, out of the attic and back in action. Nothing cozies up a space like a rug.

The TV shifted across the room to really define the new media space. Bonus, now we can do pizza nights at the table while watching a movie. One of my favorite family activities. 

This is a hardworking space, with an additional play area and office area - both of which received a little attention as well. More on that later. For now, we are loving the changes and have actually been using it more! Thank goodness for the power of suggestion and good space planning.

until next time,