Office Relo

Can I just tell you that I am writing this post from a hotel room in Beckley, WV. Neither our weekend destination, nor our home, but our layover for the night. Stuck in a winter storm, again! Why do I insist on traveling North in the winter - it just doesn't work. 3 for 3 in layovers/delays…

Anywho, thankfully, I snapped these pics of the office relo/makeover before we left. So, as you probably know by now, we had a little alcove switcheroo in our bonus room - swapping the office for a former toy storage space.  I, honestly, wasn't sure how this would work out, but it's exceeded my very low expectations. Check it out.

As my decorating business continues to grow, John has attempted to convince me to take over our home office space - as it was before, not a chance. But, now, I am really digging this small and cozy corner of the bonus room. It might just happen. Maybe. 
 I guess this is proof that any old corner of your home could be converted into a completely functional office space. 

But, until any decisions are finalized, we've styled this space as an ode to John. Especially that faux fur, it's so John.  Ok, maybe not, but it does go a long way to making an old chair a lot more comfortable.

Tomorrow we're back on the road and I'll be back later in the week (maybe blogging from this little nook, maybe not). Hope to see you then. 

until next time,