It's Just a Couple of Shelves

Happy Monday, all! These weekends are flying by, aren't they? Especially when we carve out a small window to complete a long over due project like reorganizing our master bedroom closet. 

closet - before

Check out my closet in it's lovely before state. It's big, right? It feels big to me; actually the biggest closet I have had in probably 15 years - no lie. But, despite all the space, it was missing something - good organization.

closet - before

Shoes on the floor, sweaters overflowing, and loads of underutilized empty space. Truth be told, I didn't even think it was that bad, but when the mister asked if I might like some additional shelving to "get my stuff off the floor" it only took me a quick 2 seconds to say, yes indeedy.

closet - after

Check out my newly organized closet! Things to note, right off the bat, no more shoes on the floor and more organized shelving - thank you very much! What were before two wide shelves of shoes are now four skinny shelves, simply created by splitting the space with an additional shelf (or two). 

closet - after

By far the biggest change are the two new additional shelves in the old completely unused space above the hanging bar to the left of the closet. These two new shelves have allowed me to store less often used items like evening bags, scarves and luggage that used to take up prime space in the center shelving unit. My sweaters are much happier because of these new shelves. 

One last small change that can't go unnoticed are the new bracelet display bars. I remember seeing these at a friend's house many moons ago and thinking it was a great idea. Not sure why I waited so long to add them to my organizational system - because they are so functional and fabulous.

So, after only a couple of hours and less than a $100 I now have all my stuff off the floor! Seriously, you guys, I didn't do any of the work on this project, like none, but it looked so easy I am confident you could pull it off.  

Before hitting the publish button on this post, I asked John to proofread it for me - his reaction "It's just a couple of shelves". Hence the title of this post. So yeah, it's just a couple of shelves but I thought it was important enough to share because you really can update your home to work for you without a lot of effort. So, don't go running off to get a super expensive custom closet, when you can work with what you have. 

until next time,