10 Minute Re-org Project: Linen Closet

What is it with the new year and our mad obsession with clutter removal and organization? I really don't get it, but I do know that I fall prey to this sensation year after year. 

Especially when I see images as beautiful as these in the pages of Southern Living. This particular article shared storage solutions for small spaces. Like turning an unused cabinet into a linen closet. First, I'd love that cabinet. Come to mama…
Secondly, here are some tips I took away from the article:

1. dedicate one shelf per room.
2. color code per room/bed size. 
3. for a clean look, wrap your fitted sheets inside your flat sheet. 

sorry, this is the best I could do - it's a linen closet ya' know.

With the polar vortex keeping us all inside, I stole a quick 10 minutes to re-organize our linen closet - keeping the kid's sheets and towels on one shelf and the guest room and master bedroom to another. And of course, wrapping the fitted sheet into the flat sheet - such a genius idea! 

Who doesn't love a good 10 minute project? 
I wonder what else I can get organized while these cold temps hover…

until next time,