Holiday Back Porch 2014

One of the many benefits of living in the South is the mild weather this time of year. In fact, on the weekends we've been know to enjoy a cocktail or two on the porch after the kids go to bed - especially after we purchased a patio heater from Home Depot a couple of months ago. Just the other night we were chatting away about decorating the back porch for Christmas this year and even threw out the idea of putting up a tree.

Remember when I said I bought a shed-load of deeply discounted arborvitae? Some made their way to the front porch and even more landed on the back porch. Instead of one big tree, we added 5 smaller trees! 3 replaced the potted hollies on the steps and 2 flank the french doors - and they are all wrapped in lights. Not surprisingly!
Welcome to Christmas on the porch.

Our temperatures may be mild, but it's not warm at night. We like to keep the chill at bay with a warm beverage, in Christmas mugs naturally, and a snuggly blanket.

The poinsettias like to visit outside when the temperatures are up, but I bring them in at night. It's definitely an extra step that some may not want to bother with, but nothing beats that pop of red when you're looking to really highlight the season.

When the containers at the front of the house went from fall to winter, we moved the ornamental cabbages to the back porch.  I love that they can transition from one season to the next.  More bang for my buck!
Speaking of containers, we replaced the ferns in the hanging baskets with white pansies, fresh cut greenery and pinecones. We've been living in Charlotte for a year and a half now and it still seems strange to see flowers blooming in December. Fortunately, it's a change I think I can get used to.

The reindeer container found a new home outside on the coffee table. This guy has definitely made the rounds throughout our homes over the years - it's nice to see him outside this time. As per usual, he's stuffed full of fresh cut greens and pinecones.

Christmas lights on the back porch and the front porch - I am one lucky girl! 

Happy Holidays indeed.

until next time,