Hmph. Front Porch, take 3

My front entry seems to be on constant rotation these days - sporting a couple of looks this last month alone. 

Throw in some dead mums (all in the name of halloween, of course!) and it's time for another reincarnation for the remainder of the fall season. 

With 3 weeks until Thanksgiving there is still plenty of time to get your fall on! So off to the grocery I went in search of gourds, pumpkins and squash - oh my! - plus a quick stop at Home Depot to collect an assortment of ornamental cabbages and it was time to welcome Fall back to the front porch. 

Here's my secret: I stuffed an empty, upside down plastic pot into the existing dirt in the planter to get the leverage I needed. Then I stacked in my squash, gourds and pumpkins. Any big spaces, I filled with ornamental cabbage and finally, any small spaces were stuffed with yard clippings. I went for camellia branches because I think the glossy leaves offset the rustic texture of the cabbage and go along way to soften the whole look. 

So happy with how they turned out, it almost makes me want to host the big Thanksgiving feast. Almost. But not quite.
 Now, I just need to keep these suckers alive for the next 3+ weeks. Hopefully the cabbages will be a little more forgiving than the previous mums - I swear, in Chicago, I never watered our mums. Hmph.

until next time,