Dining Room: old and new

Jumping right into it on this fine Monday morning (Monday + bad weather doesn't = a happy camper), I'm just going to tell you straight out…when my parents recently sold their house and mentioned they were going to be "handing down" some of their furniture, the one item I desperately truly wanted was the corner cabinet from their dining room.

Not because my dining room is fairly barren, or because it went so well with my other furniture, or because the interior was already painted in the perfect tone to coordinate with our dark emerald walls … it was simply because I loved the piece. Always had, always will. 

So, when my Mom was in town last weekend, we set about coordinating a little display for the shelves. Ok, well, she started it while John and I were out at a movie - but details, details - we finished it together and that's the important part. I must also give credit where credit is due and tell you that she put the disco ball in there. Can you believe it?!?! I certainly couldn't. I actually thought she was joking, but I love it and so it stays :)
It's the perfect unexpected twist in a pretty traditionally formal room.

It's so nice to see my fine china, usually stored away, on display. Along with several other meaningful items like the silver rimmed goblets that a friend gave us many years ago. Each shelf is a combination of seldom used pieces from my everyday blue and while collection like the tea cups and some serving pieces, with salad and dinner plates from my fine china collection, and cut crystal glasses, candlesticks and bowls.

We even managed to sneak in some of my parents hand-me-down old fashioned champagne coupes and red wine glasses. Just like in room design, I love to mix the old with the new to create a unique look that tells a beautiful story.
Thanks, Mom, for all your help.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

until next time,