Bittersweet, Part 2

I don't usually share a lot of personal stuff on this blog, mostly decorating and such, especially when the story isn't mine entirely to tell. But what are rules, if not meant to be broken? So, let's get personal today.
Anyone that's been around here for more than a hot second or connects with DD via any one of my many social media platforms (yes, I am everywhere!) knows that my parents made the tough decision to list their long time (35 years) home in the late summer.  Check out all the details here.
As was bound to happen, another family fell in love with the home, made a cash offer, and my parents signed on the dotted line.  

This past weekend was their final weekend in possession of that beautiful, memory filled home. My brother and I flew in to help as much as we could and to say good-bye to our childhood home. It was a tough weekend, for all of us.

Saying goodbye was harder than I had anticipated, truthfully. When we arrived at the mostly empty home on Friday morning, I was overwhelmed. Not by the amount of work to be done, but by the emptiness. I allowed myself just 10 minutes to walk around and take it all in, then I approached it like any other job at hand. Get it done. And fast. The closing was scheduled for Monday morning, with the final walkthrough on Sunday night. 

It wasn't until late Saturday and Sunday, once the work had slowed, that we allowed ourselves to sit in the empty spaces and really say goodbye. Hearing the echo of our footsteps, seeing the blank walls - remembering how lively it all once was - that was the hardest part.

Luckily, my brother and I both walked away with a lot of great furniture that couldn't be used in their new smaller home, a common thread in the downsizing world. Of course, it's great to get free stuff - but what's even better is having a little slice of our childhood in our current homes and lives. I may not have the house to go home to, but I'll always have the memories and now, I'll have a little something tangible as well. 

Goodbye Holly house. We'll miss you,.

until next time,