Pillow Talk

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. We enjoyed the last of our summer temps for awhile, soaking up lots of outdoor time, worked in the yard and even managed to fit in a little seasonal decorating. There may be a pumpkin involved. Spoiler Alert. You may never have guessed that. Come back later in the week to check it out. 

before - sad couch and pillows

In the meantime, last I left you I was conspiring to freshen our couch and throw cushion situation in our living room. After re-stuffing our well loved sofa (which you can check out here) I turned my attention to the cushions.

before - weirdly misshapen pillow

You may recall I found these ikat lovelies at Marshall's and promptly scooped them up. Love everything about them, except the lack of zipper enclosure.  Especially after the down insert started to shift within the pillow cover creating a less than pleasing overall shape. Off to the dry cleaner/seamstress they went to get their seams ripped and new zipper closures installed. Yeah for easy fixes. 

re-stuffed couch and updated throw cushions

Once I brought the updated pillows home, I couldn't wait to play around with new throw cushion combinations on our sofa, a la BHG article (check it out here). After all, there's nothing I like more than a little pillow talk. 

How fun is this?! Can you believe I actually own all of these pillows and have never used them all together? While I am loving how all the different colors, textures and patterns play off each other, there's a problem -- where to sit? Details, details. Except this is our primary TV viewing couch, so using it to actually sit on, and not just look at, is kind of important. 

Pair it down a little and I'm still liking the look. It's definitely less fussy and bonus, a little extra space to sit. But, it still seems busy to me and like it's missing something. 

Ah, well, maybe I had it right the first time…because now, I'm right back where I started. At least my couch and cushions look a whole lot better - so, I guess you could call it a win-win. 

until next time,