Inspiration: sofa and cushion overhaul

Switching gears and moving away from our little lady's room, did anyone see this image in the BHG September issue?

Maybe not, it wasn't a huge spread, but it spoke to me all the same. Probably because the color scheme is so similar to my own and I happen to own three of the cushions showcased in the feature.

In fact, just seeing the small article was enough to rekindle my love affair with my super comfy, well loved, rust hued sofa. 
I tried to share the excitement with John, but he just didn't get it. I mean, come on, pillows I actually own (and purchased at Marshalls for a steal) featured in BHG! Men.
I ran into the living room, despite his lack of enthusiasm, to take it all in and continue congratulating myself. 

And that's when I realized this sad couch and these tired pillows are in need of a little freshening. Time to hatch a plan. 

until next time,