Back Porch Before and After

It's official, I've dragged this back porch makeover project on for long enough. Not that it's entirely my fault - the construction portion of this project did take almost 9 weeks - but I'm finally ready to show the before and afters with you, today.

Here's the before, if you recall. 25' wide x 10' deep with a "seen way better days" forest green awning. 

And, the after, which includes an extended deck (now 25' x 15'), wrap around stairs, pergola and polycarbonate roof
Can we just say, it's a bit of an improvement!

Of course, no 'before and after' is complete without a side by side comparison.

There is so much we love about our new deck, but one of the best things is that we no longer have to grill like this when we are in the yard. Yeah, for stairs! And access to the yard. 

I'll be back later in the week to share more details (read about them here) about what's actually on the deck. Nothing like an end of summer back porch makeover, right? 
Hey, better late than never! That's what I always say. 
Of course, we still have months of summer-like-temperatures ahead of us. Hello, 95+ all week. 

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