Screening the Ugly

Every home has to function and with that usually comes some fairly unsightly components. Our home is no different -in fact it may even be worse. Who ever decided to place the AC compressors all in a line across the back of the house surely didn't have aesthetics in mind. I mean, the side of the house would have been a lot better. But, alas, some things are what they are and you've just got to work around them. 

Commence operation:  hide the ugly. 
With our back porch makeover nearing completion, we figured it was time to finally tackle this project. 

The weekend before we left for our epic tour, we headed out to our favorite Growers Retail Outlet to see what we could find.

When searching for discount anything, you have to be open minded because you never know what you will find.

Our criteria were:
Preferably flowering
Good screening capabilities

We were so excited to discover a fresh shipment of Encore Azaleas as big as our 6 year old for $12.50 each. We choose a light pink, double blooming azalea with bronze toned winter foliage. These ladies should grow to be about 5' high x 4' wide, eventually screening all 3 of the AC compressors. Yeah.

But, we weren't finished yet. A quick trip to Home Depot for a new hose, lead me right into the arms of a beautiful white Crepe Myrtle at a ridiculously low price of $14.99. Perfect to cover the downspout next to the breakfast room window, with its eventual flowers just peaking into view from inside. 

Looking back at the full picture, I sometimes can't believe the transformation we've made to the back of the house. No more awful awning and cage-like back porch or exposed AC compressors. 
Yeah for progress.

until next time,