EPIC tour

Last 4th of July weekend we moved from Chicago to Charlotte. This 4th of July weekend we celebrated by embarking on (what I'm hoping will be) a truly epic road trip. 

Remember this image from last years big trip? Fortunately, I got the load down to a more manageable level this year.

We'll be visiting 4 cities, in 3 states, over the course of 4 weeks. 
The girls and I will be staying with family along the way, while John pops in from time to time to partake in the festivities. We're excited, obviously, but sad to leave our new home that we have grown to love.

Uptown Charlotte, on our way to the Knights game last week.

Especially now that our back porch makeover is nearing completion. More on that later… like, later this week.

Over the course of the next month, I'm planning to share snippets from our tour of the midwest, among other things. I'm banking on lots of time to brainstorm upcoming projects, like: decorating our back porch makeover, our little girl turn big girl room makeover and the guest room makeover. 

I'm hoping to return to Charlotte after our month long road trip more inspired than ever to tackle these projects.
Sometimes I find time away from home can do just that! 

Happy Summer.

until next time,