Chicago and Vertical Inspiration

Oh my goodness! I tried my best to keep up with the blogging while I was away, but eventually time got away from me and so did the posting. 

girls at the beach

Fortunately, it was all worth it to enjoy special time during each of our weekly visits. Chicago was no exception. We had an amazing  time. Seeing family and friends, lots of drive-bys (our old house, twice, Tessa's school, etc), hitting favorite spots (Chalet Nursery, nail salon, restaurants, parks, the beach and more). We even managed to squeeze in a night downtown -- no rare feat for a suburbanite -- dining at a french influenced steak house called, Bavette's Bar & Beouf. So good.

us at Bavette's

Old, dear friend's of ours (our first daughters were both born in London just 3 months apart!) had us over for a lovely BBQ on Saturday night- we loved touring their new-to-them Evanston home. Their home has so many interesting architectural details, but one detail really stopped me in my tracks. 

Check out their vertical garden! 
They were looking for a solution to pretty-up their garage doors, which they no longer use, and came up with something amazing - in my opinion. 
A vertical garden, on casters, made from stair treads.
Isn't that smart?

Here's a better look at the details. 
Two sets of treads stacked, per side, backed with plywood. They attached boards across the front to create the planting pockets. Fill with potting soil, add plants - the options are endless. I could see herbs, hanging plants, bright colors, all greens, succulents even - literally anything!

Not only has our road trip been so great in terms of spending time with family and friends, but it's also provided loads of inspiration, too - fairy gardensinflatable jet skis, French inspired plantings, and now vertical gardens. 

Thanks to everyone in Chicago, especially my SIL and BIL for putting up with our crew, for a great visit!

until next time,