We Have Stairs

Remember this inspirational picture I posted from way back when we first started gathering ideas for our back porch makeover?

We fell hard for the long stairs covering the width of the deck, loving the open feeling it provided, and it was one of the sticking points with the many contractors we interviewed to work on our porch. Meaning, not many contractors saw eye to eye with our ideas. But, we're glad we stuck to our design plan guns.

Because now that our stairs are finally going in, we are loving the look. Yes, they are huge! And yes, that's a lot of wood. But, look how grand they make the humble back deck seem. And how easy it is to access the deck from all angles and sides of the yard. And provide that ultimate indoor/outdoor lifestyle look and feel. And make the deck and yard seamlessly flow. 
Obviously, I could go on and on...

When it comes to work on your own home, always trust your gut. Of course, it's important to get several opinions, but ultimately you know your home better than any contractor does. So trust yourself and fight for what you want - even if it means interviewing several contractors, lots of eye rolling, some contractors making you feel like you don't know what you are talking about, and potential delays in your project.

Week 1: deck extension.
Week 2: stairs.
Week 3: Hopefully, the pergola.
At this rate we'll be enjoying our new deck sometime in July, but hey, it will all be worth it in the end. 
More to come…

until next time,