Lovin This Week

Happy Friday -- It's time for another round up of what I'm loving this week. 

Besides the progress on our new deck, I have a couple other little bits and pieces to share with you.

Like this complete home tour from Dear Lillie. They moved into their new-to-them home a little over a year ago, and have been tirelessly revamping it. The results are truly amazing. 

Next week marks the one year anniversary of our move to Charlotte, fortunately we have until September before we reach the one year move in date on our house. Still have a long way to go!

Awhile ago, I mentioned on my Facebook page that TJ Maxx now offers online shopping capabilities, but I never actually shopped with them online. This week, I was searching for a certain tennis top I had seen in the store and decided to look online. Voila - two minutes later I found what I was looking for online, then decided to look around a little to see what else was on offer. I mean, I was already on their site and had some time to kill….
That's when I discovered their home department under the clearance tab. The selection isn't huge, but it does seem to be changing pretty frequently. Definitely worth the look, even though I came away empty handed this time.
Didn't know it was there, now I do, and you do, too! 
You're welcome.  

The Hunted Interior

The Hunter Interior recently showed her kitchen corner makeover where she combined traditional patterns and fabrics with more modern items to create a really great look. I love the whole area, but was particularly inspired by her wallpaper framed panels. Definitely got my wheels spinning! 

I hope you enjoyed this little round up of what I'm loving this week. Have a great weekend!

until next time,