Light it Up

Now that our backporch makeover is underway, we have turned our attentions toward the finishing details like fans and lights. It seems as though my lighting research is never ending, so why not throw some outdoor lights onto the search pile as well. 

The Bolton from Pottery Barn has a nice, classic European feel, but the overall size was a bit small for our space. And, I prefer a hanging or supported lantern style versus the wall mounted flush version. 
Moving on…

This Savoy House Monte Grand light found on Amazon, is similar in style to the Bolton, but offers the non-flush option that I was looking for. But, John wasn't feeling the seeded glass and thought the light lacked that little something special overall. Ie, it's boring. 

The Shades of Light catalog arrived in the mail a couple of days ago and I immediately singled out this one, known as the Charleston. Pretty fitting right? 
I love the dark hue, all the details and the European feel, but John wasn't sold on the cream wavy glass. 
(who knew he was so picky with his taste in glass?)
Back to the drawing board...

Their catalog was just enough to peek my interest, so I logged onto their site and discovered the Richmond. My favorite detail about this light? The Copper finish. I love that it's a living metal and will age and patina over time. Plus, we'd love to put copper accents (portico, gutters, etc) on this house in the distant future and wouldn't that just tie everything together so nicely!

Once I got my heart set on a copper finish, I went back to Amazon to have a second look. Leave no stone unturned, right? Well, thankfully I did just that because I stumbled upon the Rue de Royal which is very reminiscent of the the antique gaslights often found in both Charleston and New Orleans. 
Ding, ding, ding. 
I think we have a winner. 
John approved.

Oh, I was just about to wrap up this post when I noticed they offered the same light in a hanging version vs. a supported version. Oh, decisions, decision. Which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section!

until next time,