Slip Sliding No More

Wouldn't it be cool if I had one of those blogs that completely surprised their readers with a whole makeover … no lead-up, no hints dropped, just BOOM you log on to the site and there it is. A whole makeover for you to feast your eyes on. 
Shame, I'm not that kind of blog. Right?
Truth is, I tried to go for an incognito makeover in our foyer. But, then the whole oversized light fixture debacle happened. And the vintage rug from Turkey sold out from under me on etsy (who cares that I'd been eyeing it for over a month)!
So, we move on ...

You see, the delayed foyer makeover all stared because the new paper had me wishing for a more neutral rug so they don't compete as loudly :) Which means that my beloved vintage Turkish rug needed a new home and the back hallway was the lucky recipient. 
Now, I'm loving the aged, pop of beauty when I walk in from the garage/side door. I'm also loving that it's keeping the whole dang family from dragging everything on their feet straight thru to the kitchen! 

But, the story doesn't end there. We had our first snafu when a wipe-out occurred after a run down the backstairs and a slip on the threadbare vintage flat weave rug. I guess that's why they encourage rug pads, huh? Fortunately, a quick search online led me to, who offer a wide variety of pads including those made for hardwood floors and flat weave rugs. Score.
Made in the USA, custom cut to size, free and fast shipping - what more can you ask for? Plus, they have a handy "rug pads for hardwood floors" FAQ page that spells it all out for us first time buyers.

So, that's the tale of my botched foyer makeover and resulting update in the back hall. The search continues for a new foyer rug and when I find it, you better believe I'll be ordering another pad from !

If you're in the market for a new rug pad, too, use: Trade20off to receive 20% at Rug Pad USA.

Any big makeovers not going to plan in your neck of the woods? Misery loves company so tell me all about it in the comments section below.

* Thanks to Rug Pad USA for sponsoring this post and keeping us from slipping on my beloved rug. All opinions are my own. 

Until next time,