Flash Sale Lighting

So…remember when I was on vacation at the beach and I posted a little something, something about making a rash purchase during a flash 50% off sale at Horchow.com?
Well, if you don't remember, I did it. Now you know. 
And, if you do remember and have been wondering what I was talking about, this is the post for you.

You probably assumed I purchased the light I've been obsessed with lately, but I didn't. I got this one. 
Truth? I had been looking at it for awhile thinking about how great it would be for our foyer, but that's about as far as I had gotten.
Then, it magically appeared in my inbox at a great price and I thought - yes, do it! We were at the beach, the sale lasted just a couple of hours - I didn't let that stop me. 
A couple of days later, on my door step it arrived. 
Imagine my surprise when I pulled it out of the box and noticed just how big it was. Perhaps I should have measured in advance! 
Sure enough, we couldn't even open the front door with this light hanging in the foyer. Too big.

Change of plans. Looks like our dining room is getting a new light. 
Another truth? I was not going in this direction at all - I had planned to find a vintage, french inspired, crystal dowsed, brass fixture. But, I'm loving this light in here. It's fun! It doesn't scream formal dining room, but it's still elegant. Plus, the shape plays so nicely with our foyer paper.

Sure, I could have returned it. But, I like this idea much better. 
Remember, always think outside the box. If you really love something chances are you can find a home for it. Even if it's not the original plan. 

until next time,