Ya'll my search for perfect lighting continues. I've seen a lot of options, at a lot of price points. But, the more I search, the more I come back to this light.

It's dramatic, that's for sure.
Most wouldn't consider hanging a pendant in the middle of a den - a safer option would be a flush mount or semi flush at the most. But not this girl. This girl loves her drama. Have you seen my foyer paper? Plus, there's little risk of bumping into a fixture with the 3' square coffee table below it. 

I think it would look stunning in the den. At 24" in circumference, the oversized style will only help to make the room feel more cozy. And against those dark walls? Love.
Of course, it would mean a new mirror over the mantel, but I think I could handle that.

Framed by the built-ins in the living room, the capiz shell pendant would really draw your eye through to the den. 
Of course, with heavy afternoon sun streaming through the den windows, maybe there's a reason the previous owner had an overhead fan. Only time will tell on that one, I'm afraid. 

Yes, it seems to have everything I am looking for. But, one question remains. Is it timeless? Will I love it in the many years to come? 
Tell me your thoughts - persuade me in the comments below.

until next time,