7 Months in the Making

It's taken 7 long months to complete the simplest of tasks. 

Moving the trampoline to the corner of the yard. I know, it sound silly. But it's the truth and it's made all the difference in our backyard makeover. 
See it way back there? 
Yup, we've wanted it back there from the beginning, but the yard was a mess when we moved in. The back half was a "natural" area, which we've since torn out, regraded and seeded.
{ Read more about that here.}
 This weekend, the new grass had it's inaugural mow, which meant the trampoline could officially be moved into its new home - just a short 7 months post move in date. 

Phew, what an accomplishment. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but sometimes it's the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. So much so, that I had to take a moment of rest on the new patio in the back corner of the kitchen garden and enjoy the view {first picture}.

Speaking of the garden, we managed to get the wall planter hung, the rosemary planted, as well as the last of the plants (for now). There's always room for more!

John's new pole saw was put to the test, again, with more aggressive tree trimming. This time our front yard cherry tree fell victim. More on that later :)
Yup, it was another beautiful weekend in the garden. A girl could really get used to this. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend, too.

until next time,